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xPlore.Cloud Blog

xPlore.Cloud is a unique tool to quickly build a management and self service interface for an arbitrary hybrid or multi-cloud.

This blog carries writings by members of the xPlore.Cloud core development team and provides many tips and tricks on how best to leverage the platform’s various capabilities.

However, you will also find many that are not directly related to the platform but may target more generic hybrid cloud issues or even programming tips and tricks that the team has accumulated during the development of the platform.

  • How to avoid storing access credentials on your Cloud Access Server for AWS- Storing access credentials in plain text on the Cloud Access Server, is always a slightly insecure way of handling credentials, and should be avoided whenever there is a way. Luckily AWS provides such a mechanism and you are encouraged to take advantage of this feature for all your AWS accounts that you want to link […]
  • Basic working of xPlore.Cloud : A Walkthrough- The following schematic diagram represents a very high level and grossly watered down view of the overall architecture of the xPlore.Cloud solution. Let us now follow along a typical workflow of adding support for listing and managing a resource type within a target cloud using the xPlore.Cloud hybrid cloud development platform. STEP 1: Decide on one […]
  • A Public cloud Tryout- As enterprises become aware of the savings that adding a public cloud to their IT strategy entails, the next step usually is to explore multiple clouds to see if there can be more savings or better fit with the enterprise expectations by having a multi-cloud strategy. An important enabler for the enterprise to be able […]
  • The Hybrid Cloud Challenge- Here is a definition of Hybrid Cloud from Azure (Microsoft): A hybrid cloud is a computing environment which combines a public cloud and a private cloud by allowing data and applications to be shared between them. When computing and processing demand fluctuates, hybrid cloud computing gives businesses the ability to seamlessly scale their on-premises infrastructure up to the […]


Indranil is the Chief Product Officer at xPlore.Cloud and the main architect of the product.


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