• A single pane of glass into all your public and private cloud accounts.

A smarter way to manage all your CLOUD Resources from one place         A Hybrid Cloud that will pass the test of time and go beyond!

Quickly create a Hybrid Cloud

For platforms we have reference implementations for, viz., AWS, Azure and VMWare, you can create your Hybrid cloud literally within minutes. For others, you can develop your own within a few days if not hours.

Plugins to quickly enhance your Hybrid Cloud capabilities

Our Bundles Marketplace has code bundles that act as plugins and add support for various cloud native resources/features, with just a mouse-click.

HyBench: A unique Hybrid Cloud Framework

Our Hybrid cloud framework, HyBench (Hybrid WorkBench), lets you quickly write Plugins to support new cloud native features/resources or even add currently unsupported clouds to your Hybrid cloud.

Caged environment for HyBench development

HyBench enhancement code is first deployed on a development environment where developers and testers can work without affecting the end users. Once ready, the code can be released with a mouse click to the Production branch.

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Time based Automation using the Scheduler

A generic scheduler module is available to schedule cloud operations from the Hybrid Cloud frontend GUI.

Event driven Automation using HyBench and scheduler

Combining HyBench Hybrid Cloud framework and the Scheduler, complex event driven automations can be quickly coded and deployed.

Create Users and assign to Groups with Permissions

Very simple and intuitive concept of users, groups and permissions lets you manage users and permissions comprehensively at the Hybrid Cloud layer.

Apply Access control rules and Quotas

Configure access control rules at cloud, environment and cloud resource levels. Even control which group can do what with which cloud resources. Assign quotas on cloud resources at the user level.

Environments to group together cloud resources

You can create environments and group together cloud resources that are related. E.g. all AWS VMs used for development in project ABC or all VMWare VMs used in production for Project XYZ, etc.

Custom Frontend using the Frontend API

The Frontend API exposes the xPlore.Cloud functionality through a RESTful service. You can use this to rebrand or even add custom business rules and create a completely customized user-experience for your self service users.