• A single pane of glass into all your public and private cloud accounts.
  • Control access and limits accross clouds, private as well as public, for your self service infrastructure users.
  • Use our low code tool HyBench, to quickly create custom self service portal for your infrastructure users.

A smarter way to manage all your CLOUD Resources from one place         A Hybrid Cloud that will pass the test of time and go beyond!

Future proof your Hybrid Cloud investment

Cloud and consequently Hybrid cloud are two of the fastest evolving tech concepts in today's environment. As things evolve and adoption grows, things are bound to change quickly - oftentimes abruptly and substantially.

You want your hybrid cloud to be able to keep pace with such changes as they happen.

xPlore.Cloud helps you do just that!

Create your Hybrid Cloud in minutes

Plug in pre-written code to enhance capabilities

Write your own code to Support new clouds

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Here's what it takes to build your Hybrid Cloud in minutes!

1. Create your xPlore.Cloud account

Go to the Signin/Signup page and create your FREE trial account in seconds.

2. Launch Access Server for the Target Cloud

Download a pre-built virtual machine image (available in OVA, VHD and QCow2 formats) or use an AMI (in case of AWS) to launch a server within your own infrastructure/cloud account.

3. Activate the Access Server

Generate an activation key for your new Access Server at xPlore.Cloud. Head back to your newly launched Access Server. Log into the server and activate your access server. And you have successfully added your first Target Cloud to your Hybrid Cloud.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for all public/private clouds and/or hypervisors you want to add to your Hybrid Cloud!

And that's about IT!